Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Oh My God did you see that?

The truth to almost everything is that there are no “up’s” without “down’s” no good without bad. Although Guerilla Advertising in my opinion is one of the most fun, eye-catching and entertaining of all the advertising mediums, it too has its downfalls. This short video is a quick way to show you all the different ways Guerilla Marketing can be used, from extremely simple concepts to extensive plots can be used for effective results.

Let’s begin with what helps Guerilla Marketing, a term coined by a University professor Jay Conrad Levinson, to be so successful. It is an art that is meant  to create buzz in hopes that  it will turn viral, and in many cases it surpass awareness levels that some mainstream advertising cannot even attain.  For one, Guerilla Marketing shines through the clutter, whether it is a car hanging from a billboard or interactive camera in time square, Guerilla Marketing takes an “in your face” approach that is nearly impossible to miss. Another advantage is that in most situations it can be cross-culturally understood, and marketers can easily expand the idea into new markets for a broader reach. It is also usually executed at a much lower cost then print, radio or television ads.

Often times, there isn’t even a need for words; it is a simple and effective message. This leads me into one of the disadvantages of Guerilla Marketing, which is the trouble in brand association. Due to the large scale of the ads and the protruding messages, the actual brand is often overshadowed. Although consumers may remember the advertisement they cannot associate it with the company name. The reasoning behind this is often because of the similarities between campaigns. When you think of all the Guerilla Marketing that has been done for the SmartCar in a vending machine and the Mini Cooper In a box, they have had very similar tactics, almost as if they had not done the research on competitor marketing. This can make your company subject to a lot of criticism and risks having backfire, making the agency involved seem as though they have no unique ideas.

Living in Ottawa I haven’t been subject to too much Guerilla Marketing or at least none that had a big enough impact for me to remember, however, my visits to New York City gave me the chance to experience this form of Advertising. One of my favourites was done by Forever 21 they had a large screen video in the middle of time square, which was live video of bystanders. Approximately every 30 seconds it would snap a picture and underneath just wrote “Forever 21.” It was simple but extremely interactive and so fun for potential consumers to participate in.
As for the future of Guerilla Marketing, I see everything somehow going to link back to digital. Possibly, having Guerilla Marketing sent directly to our Smartphone’s through alerts when you pass by a certain store. I don’t see it ever stopping because it has seen such success in the past

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