Thursday, 19 January 2012

I wanna be queen of the world!!!

In the dictionary they define success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”  I wonder, is it really the accomplishment, or is it the praise and self-confidence that comes with the accomplishment that makes a person feel successful. For myself success can be measured in many ways but at the end of the day its about how it makes me feel. If I feel proud of a service I have executed than I know it was a success. Success can be divided amongst several categories including; spiritual, personality , physical, family, career, financial and lifestyle. In the following I will discuss 3 of which are more relevant to myself. 
One of them most dangerous roads to tread is the desire to be liked. Whether a person has to work on their personality or not, everyone desires to be liked. In my opinion this success can come at a high cost. Of course not all the people you encounter have the same views as you. Trying to please someone who is nothing like yourself can be exhausting. The key in a situation as such is to make sure not to lose your inner morals.  If you are able to establish common grounds based on understanding, respect and keeping an open-mind this will allow you to communicate with anyone. Success in personality is to achieve overall respect from the people who surround you. The highest triumph that I could receive would be praise from my peers. My goal is always similar and that is to be perceived and as fair and trustworthy source.
Secondly their is success in your career. This is something that will constantly be re-evaluated and morphed into more sophisticated achievements based on experience. If I was to consider myself now as a student graduating from college, success in my career would consist of; networking with people relevant in the event planning field and then eventually starting my own company in the same industry. Once I start on my actual career path I may desire awards or recognition, however, for now I am simply looking for promotions and opportunities. I suppose a little fame wouldn’t hurt either!
When evaluating a successful lifestyle the highest accomplishment would be to maintain a healthy balance. This is also the hardest success to attain, with today’s hectic society and lack of personal integration. When I say a healthy balance, I mean that would like to start my life by focusing mainly on my career. I would like to be able to stay late nights and excel at what I love to do. Once the time is right and I am financially and mentally comfortable with the idea, I would like to devote myself to starting a family of my own.  Once I have made such a commitment, I would make sure that my children always come first. With this in mind I would still like to maintain physical health, wether that means visiting the gym, or being involved in community work. If I am able to be successful in my career, while juggling family, social and personal time than I will have achieved ultimate success.

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