Thursday, 26 January 2012

What do you see?

Advertising can have such a great impact when delivered with perfect timing and flawless execution. Some advertising can effect everyone, no matter your background or ethnicity. Sometimes you don’t even have to speak a word for the message to be effectively received.
When choosing an advertisement that would be appropriate in different countries I had to think about this for a while. I thought about something we share universally, what is a common love we share, that is dear to our hearts? Then I thought the Olympics! So many, if not all of the countries participate in the Olympics and we all hold a sense of national pride with the teams from our own country. Therefore this is why I believe that this ad can be appropriate anywhere in the world, even Canada. Nike was the company who ran this ad and they did a wonderful job portraying national pride it ran in the Netherlands. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam was the agency who produced the advertisement.  
The second advertising has to be one of the most moving pieces I have ever seen in my life. As a person who’s family has always been involved in social change and fighting against human injustice, this spot really hit home. It was an advertisement aired in Malaysia, Euro RSCG Kuala Lumpur was the agency who directed the advertisement for Amnesty International. The music is so moving and you can hear the sadnest right from the beggining. The woman’s fear shows all over her face, with her tears and her body gestures. When the man undoes his belt your entire body is filled with fear, in the disgust of what you know will happen. The whole setting is dark and cold but finally, when the letters start pilling up yousee a bit of light, showing you that your voice can save a life.

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